Tuesday, 8 July 2014


How have all of you been? I was missing for a while, because I was busy attending a wedding. Well, Indian weddings are more of a festival in themselves, and it seems a totally different WORLD in there. No, seriously, because the day I walked out of the place, I felt as if I was in a different environment altogether. People going about with their daily lives and everything, whereas the time I was in the wedding home, everything, and I mean everything, seemed to focus on only one thing—marriage. Anyways, that was not what I was supposed to tell you today. Today I am going to show you something that made. Well, I am really interested in DIY crafts, and often spend time in this hobby of mine. This time, I decorated my journal. So, I am going to show you how I decorated the same.
Well, I forgot to take the picture when it was in the original form. Basically, it was just a diary.
This is the paper which came on the backside of these heart stickers. So I decided to make good use of it….:)

I took yellow chart paper and covered the diary with it. I got some rhinestone stickers and pasted them in the shape of my initial.
So, now, my journal looks something like this. I also put some beads at the end of my bookmark to give the plain satin ribbon a personality….:)

Since rhinestones and heart stickers with heart cardstock paper was all that I had, I decided to take the love theme forward. I have this cupid shaped paper punch, with which I cut out cupid shapes on black chart paper. It will give a contrast to all the bright colors.

So, finally, my journal looks something like this…….

I had a great time making this. Hope you too had a nice time reading about this. If you decide to decorate your journal like I did, please post the pics too. Would love to see your DIY as well….Bye for now….

Lots of Love,


Sunday, 22 June 2014


Hey there, I hope you all had a good weekend. Well, I was actually thinking that my next post would be something about DIY, but instead I ended up writing this. Let me back you up a bit. I am generally an organised person (not with an OCD, though!!!), I just like knowing where I have my things. Also, I find it more efficient (goes without saying!!!). It feels great to be like this. But honestly, at times, it gets monotonous. Yeah, even being organised gets repetitive after a while!!!!.. In addition, I like doing two things at a time, like listening to music while I draw something, surf the net while I watch a movie, etc. Today was one such day for me where I wanted to do nothing…seriously, nothing…While I did not do nothing, by the evening I was feeling entirely bored….World-weary would be a more appropriate term. And I did not know how to tackle that. So, I just got out into the balcony while sipping tea, and for some moments I did nothing (Although, the idea of this post originated at that moment itself!!!)..It was drizzling outside, and I felt the raindrops falling on me, looked up at the sky, saw the starless sky with its clouds floating by. And I stood there sipping tea. Yes, actually, a blank head and a black starless sky!!! It must have been hardly more than five minutes, but those moments were pure bliss. When I re-entered my room after this small but amazing bit, I felt rejuvenated. And so I have made a promise to myself that even if I am into doing two things at a time, I will make sure that every day , for only a while maybe, I will do only one thing at a time, even if it is the most trivial thing, like painting my nails or something.
So, to all my organised and multi-tasking friends out there, if you are reading this, and have ever gone through a phase like I have, try taking a “one thing at a time” break like I did. It did wonders for me. I hope it does the same for you.

Lots of Love,


Sunday, 15 June 2014


Hey there, back with a brand new post today. Although I am a day late in posting this, but what I am going to tell is still fresh in my mind. Today’s post is not about fearing on what people will think, or whether I think college friends are better than school friends or not, rather today I am telling you about an incident which just brought out feelings I have had for a long time now.

What happened was, I was travelling on a bus yesterday, when suddenly I saw a black-clothed man trying to get up on the bus. He was just a travelling mendicant, more like a beggar, it seemed to me. I really didn’t know what exactly happened, but the thing that I saw was that the conductor just kicked the beggar on his chest and threw him out of the bus. The helpless man was thrown harshly and I saw that he had just 2 ten-rupee notes which scattered on the ground and he was desperately trying to pick them and get up at the same time. It pained me terribly and  I sat thinking about all the heinousness we have been seeing throughout the world. Though this incident could hardly be termed  as heinous, at the same time it shows how lacking in compassion we have become. Wasn’t compassion supposed to be a quality essential to human beings? We, as a species, are becoming baser than animals. Sometimes, it seems, animals surpass us in this quality. I guess I would not have given this incident much thought had the poor man retaliated to the injustice done to him. But there he was, standing on the road, with hundreds of people witnessing this utterly humiliating situation, and he could do nothing. That was the part where it hurt me the most. HE COULD DO NOTHING TO HELP HIMSELF.

I am strong believer of karma. I very truly believe that what you do to others, comes back at you. But, just for a moment, if I discard this belief, and look at this situation, I realise:- We call ourselves a civilization. But are we civilized enough to be termed as such?????

Lots of Love,


Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Hey!!!... How have you been? I am back with yet another post. Well, the title of the post is a good enough indicator of what today’s topic is. So, what do you think?

Well, if you ask me, I am definitely rooting for college friends!!! (My bestie is so going to kill me!!!!...:P :P) No, it’s not some competition, but the way I feel when I see my friends from college is so, so much more then when I see my friends from school. Maybe, because when we are in school, we have this innocence within us, and we have no idea of the person we are going to be. Basically, it’s more of a carefree life and also, in maximum cases, we get to see our friends in school only. And maybe over the phone when at home (Back when I was in school, it was over landline!!!!! Imagine!!!). But why I am taking the side for college friends is because I find, in the four years spent with them, they become more of a family than only friends. They are the ones who see us 24X7, happy, crappy, sad, mad, bitchy, itchy (okay, the last word was just meant to continue with the rhyme!!!..:P…:P). Basically, they have been with us through thick and thin, and in these four years we feel we have known them all our life. They have seen us at our best, and at our worst, and of course, in all our stupidities as well!!!! (Holds very true in my case!!!!)

You may be thinking why, all of a sudden, I am writing a post like this. Well, because, today, I met a college friend of mine, after 3 whole years!!!...And even though we have not been in touch regularly, but when we met, it was as if nothing had changed….as if there never had been a gap of such a long time….it just brought back a whole lot of college memories…And so, I simply had to share it with you. 

Before signing off, I should say that friends, be it in school or college, are, and always will be special, no matter what. If any of my school friends are reading this, let me tell you that I love you all, too….This post was what I would have answered if someone had asked me a rapid-fire question or something like that. But I simply had to share my feelings, whatsoever.

Lots of Love, AngelN89 

Sunday, 8 June 2014


I love online shopping, I really do. But, yet another online shopping site tells me that it cannot deliver a particular item because supposedly, I stay at a remote location. A few days ago, I was charged an extra 100 bucks just because the place where I stay was touted as a remote place. For god sake, I live in Guwahati!!!!!....It is very conveniently connected via railways, buses, as well as flights. It is called the Gateway of North Eastern India. And yet, when I shop, I sometimes have to shell out extra bucks or sometimes I get to see the “Item cannot be delivered” button.

Not only this, you won’t believe, but I was actually asked this question, “Do even common people in your state carry explosives everywhere they go?” Imagine!!!!!!!!....FLABBERGASTED would be an extremely mild term to express what I felt when I first heard that question!!!!...I don’t exactly remember who asked me this, but in that moment I knew I was talking to probably the stupidest person in the whole world.

Anyways, leaving this anecdote behind, all I want to say to those reading this is that I live in a completely normal location. My city Guwahati boasts of a lot of spiritual places and is a very beautiful place to live. Of course, if you doubt my word, you always have Wikipedia for your reference. And yes, it is as safe as any other place in India. Plus, WE HAVE GOOD CONNECTIVITY!!!!!!!!!!....So if any person who is a part of an online shopping portal that counts my city as a remote place, and charges extra for delivery, reading this, I hope you will find your opinion changed. You see, an extra 50 or 100 bucks doesn’t hurt that much, but the feeling of being left out like this sure does.

Lots of Love,


Thursday, 5 June 2014


Yeah, very contradictory feelings, right???....Well, honestly, I am going through both the emotions while writing this now. Let me tell you why. This is my first blog post ever. The second, technically speaking, but the first in the sense that I am actually writing this. And it is a really scary feeling  when you know that you are going to put out something that can be viewed by the rest of the world, even if it is a simple blog post. So with a lot of apprehensions, I am finally trying to get rid of this "scared" feeling and moving on to being proud.     (:P...:P)

Now, let me tell you why  I am feeling proud. I have finally done something that I have held close to my heart  for a really long time. I pledged to donate my eyes! Now, it may not seem to be a very big deal, but it does for me. I have known that I wanted to do this ever since I saw the ad campaign by Aishwarya Rai saying "Jisse koi ye khoobsoorat duniya fir se dekh sake, mere jane ke bad". I was 5 years old then. I hardly knew who Aishwarya Rai was, and didn't even know what donating your eyes meant. All I understood was that I wanted someone to see the world through my eyes. Just the thought that this can happen is overwhelming.

Let me leave you by saying, if you happen to read this, and actually get inspired to do the same as I did, I convey my gratitude to you in advance. Because you too have joined hands with me in making a small change in someone's life and someone's world.

Lots of Love,